Further Studies and More Job Responsibilities for Sam Congdon

Sam Congdon thirst for knowledge could only be quenched by further studies. After completing his one-year in Oregon, he moved to Dallas Texas to acquire his Master in Business Administration degree at Southern Methodist University. He found the business school a great experience and enjoyed classes that were entrepreneur and investment oriented. However, there were classes such as global business and organizational behavior that he thought were a waste of time.

On the positive side, Sam Congdon learnt a lot about business, finance, entrepreneurialism, and things that an entrepreneur needs such as how to write a business plan. He gained a blend of practical and academic wisdom, which he uses up to today. Another benefit that comes with the degree is having “SMU MBA” on his business cards and resume. Attending SMU is an added benefit considering that it is among the top 25 business schools in the United States. He attained outstanding learning and experience in the school and recommends it to those who want to run a business or rise to upper level management in a big company.

Getting an MBA took two years and in between, Sam Congdon went back to his old job at Student Works painting for another summer. However, this time he was managing managers in the entire State of Ohio instead of managing a city the way he did previously.

The job had its challenges because he was taking over from another general manager. He inherited employees, most of whom he could never have hired. His job was to save the ship from sinking and to put it on the right way, a task that was not easy. Despite this, he earned the respect of managers and he taught them the tricks he had learned in Michigan. The summer turned up to be a success.

Taking over a business in midstream and trying to turn it around is not an easy task. This is the challenge that he was facing. Most managers were subpar meaning that they could not perform their required tasks in the right manner. For instance, one of them threw a fit in the customer’s front yard that resulted to the customer making a call to the offices because of not knowing of what to make of the scene. Another manager did not find the need to fulfill more jobs, which meant more money, because he felt that he was not goal oriented. Some of these qualities are not supposed to be on managers, in order to ensure the success of the business. He had to weed out such characters to ensure that the summer was a success.

Acquiring another higher degree exposed Sam Congdon to more knowledge and definitely more responsibilities. In between attending the prestigious university, he went back to his old job but this time at a higher level of managing other managers. Despite being given the challenging task of saving a sinking ship, his education and experience helped him to safely sail through that summer. It was an eye opener to him that he could get more responsibilities and still succeed.

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